Published: 01/11/2023

Writing your unique wedding story is my absolute passion. So that it reflects your personalities and your individual personal love story. All of this takes time and effort, we have conversations, face to face if we can and technology also means we can chat on Zoom where we need to.

I need you to tell me about your love for each other, I encourage you to share your story with each other and also to write your own rendering of your individual love for each other. How you met, where your proposal took place and the people who were fundamentally involved in the two of you being together to help me to create that unique wedding story.

Crafting unique and heartfelt ceremonies is not just a job for me, it’s my absolute passion, my art and my joy. I put my heart and soul into each ceremony ensuring that it mirrors your beautiful love story and reflects the incredible journey you are both about to embark on.

In my 40 year career in the fitness industry I learned the value of personalisation. Just as the fitness programmes I tailored to the needs of the individual, your wedding ceremony should also reflect your unique love story. I spend almost a year getting to know you, understanding your dreams and also your quirks! I write each ceremony with precision adding elements of style, class and quality. The result is a celebration that resonates with you and your guests, leaving a lasting memory of their special day. Just read the testimonials on my website, click HERE to go directly to them.

Wherever your wedding location is I take the beauty of the surroundings and blend it seamlessly with the beauty of love, creating moments which you will both cherish forever. There is nothing more magical than bringing two people so in love together, in a ceremony as unique as your special love. So, how do I achieve this with your wedding script?


It is important to tailor the ceremony to your needs, your love story is so unique. How you met, what you love about each other and how and where your proposal took place are just a few reasons about what makes your story different and why your wedding script should reflect your personal story. I write you a script which captures your personalities and include in it the important milestones of your wedding story.

For example, I asked a groom how much he loved his bride, he said he loved her so much he’d give her his last Rolo! A phrase he regularly said to her. The groom wanted it to be included in the script, we had a packet of Rolo’s with only one remaining for him to pass to her, yes, there were tears.

Not only will the couple remember their ceremony and how personal it was to their story, but the guests will also too. Rolo’s will have another meaning to everyone who attended that wedding.

2. Getting to Know My Couples

How do I do that? Along with Zoom chat, phone calls and emails to get to know and support you, there is so much for me to discover about the two of you and fortunately we have plenty of time to do that.

I have a wedding questionnaire for you to complete; this questionnaire is in five sections and the answers require a bit of thought from you. All this takes time and over the months we develop a fabulous relationship and become good friends too.

3. Telling Your Love Story and Your Vows

First of all, I need you to tell me about your love for each other. This is the most romantic part of what you share with me. You complete this part of the questionnaire individually; I do, though, encourage you to share completing it. It frequently brings up some amusing and heart-warming surprises.

It is necessary that I discover more about your love story so far. How did you meet? Was there a proposal? Who or what was integral to bringing you together? The response help paint a picture of your relationship with each other.

We all have family, and they are important, sometimes we call people aunt or uncle because of the closeness of the relationship, but they may not be blood relatives. I need you to tell me who is going to be part of your ceremony, and why? Are they family, which family members are coming and where are they travelling from? Are there other relationships you would like me to know and include in your story.

I’m your dream wedding maker, there are questions to help me discover what you really want of your ceremony. I get very specific here, I want to know every detail. It helps to minimise the number of changes to your ceremony ideas and maybe we can incorporate those dreams in your story. One guy so wanted to arrive at the ceremony in a red Ferrari, however, his wedding budget just wouldn’t allow it. I suggested that he purchase remote control Ferrari and use it as the ring bearer. The ring arrived in style and to great applause from his family and friends and the bride cried as she knew how much arriving in a Ferrari meant to him.

Your venue and the vows you wish to make are so important. Where appropriate we meet at the venue. It’s a great opportunity for us to write your vows together and if we can, do a dry run. This is part of what makes your wedding unique.

4. Ceremonial Customs

Not all couples want to call them vows, some prefer to make promises or commitments to each other, others want faith based and there are couples who include fun in their vows. In addition, rituals such as handfasting or a quaich ceremony are included as they have been traditions within families over the years or are cultural.

Readings can also personalise a ceremony, extracts from a book or a film for instance and these should match your values.

One of my first weddings were a Chinese bride and an English groom, they married at Rowton castle, just outside Shrewsbury. It was Cherry’s dream venue. She wanted to include nod to her cultural heritage, so they included a Tea Ceremony. A tradition performed at Chinese weddings where the elders also pass a red envelope (usually containing money) to the couple, it acts as a dowry. I have also read vows in Chinese with a similar couple.

5. The Impact on the Guests

After every wedding I’ve officiated the guests are always blown away by the uniqueness of the couple’s story. Lucy and Dirk wrote “we received so many compliments on our ceremony from the choice of words you read out to how ‘on it’ you were with running things. Even the wedding planner at the venue said how very on the ball you were…… your work has clearly paid, demonstrated by the wonderful compliments we received on your behalf.”

Your guests too want to have lasting memories of your wedding day and your script is a huge part of making those memories.

6. Thoughts and Advice

Personalisation is truly the key to a memorable wedding ceremony, not just the couple, family, friends and all of the other wedding professionals involved on the day. Personalisation is the key ingredient to transform a traditional wedding ceremony into an unforgettable and heartwarming experience. Every couple has a unique story and by weaving your individuality into your wedding story it becomes a reflection of your journey. When guests witness a ceremony tailored to your personalities and your journey it forges a deeper connection and leaves an indelible mark on their hearts. It’s about making everyone present at your wedding feel like an integral part of your love story and that what turns a wedding into a cherished memory.

It is important to make sure that you choose a Celebrant that understands your dreams and wishes so that they can write your unique wedding story how you want it to be written. When choosing your Celebrant making sure you are a great fit is important, you are going to be working together and sharing precious memories together for many months building up to your wedding day and after.

All of my couples have told me that when we had a quick chat it helped them to understand the process involved in writing their wedding story and the reason they get extra value but also, and more importantly, it helped them to see if we are a great fit. It only takes about 15 minutes, click this link HERE to book that chat, it drops directly into my diary, and you'll receive the link too. It's so simple.

Rest assured you can count on me to deliver you a unique and personalised wedding service that you, your family and friends will be talking about forever, and that's what you deserve from your wedding celebrant isn't it?

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