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Wedding Celebrant

The Personal Touch to Your Wedding Day

Throw out the rule book for your wedding. Choosing an Independent Celebrant wedding ceremony means it’s your day, your way.


Your journey as a couple is like no other – completely unique to the two of you. The point when you stand in front of family and friends and affirm your love together should be the same – unique, bespoke and individually personalised.


Elegant, Stylish, Serene
Wedding Ceremonies that Focus on You

Imagine as you stand up to share your vows - your guests caught up in the heartfelt serenity of the moment that you read out the personal words that describe how you came to this time together.


Your wedding day should be as magical as you can imagine. But the excitement starts months before. As your Independent Celebrant I help you to create an elegant, stylish script by working with you from the start to plan and create the entire day. 


I love discovering the journey that a couple has been on to bring them together. As part of the process for creating your bespoke ceremony and writing personal vows, it’s important that I understand just who you are. Throughout the months before the ceremony, I’ll provide you with couples and individuals questionnaires designed to focus on different aspects of your relationship – your life together, your family and friends, and how you feel about your soon-to-be spouse. 


From this I’ll create a bespoke script that combines personal details, cultures, traditions and fabulous memories. You’ll each have your own parts in advance, so you have time to practice. Then, when the moment comes, it’s not about how well you perform, but only about how you feel. 

The Language of Love and Family

Marriage isn’t just about the couple alone. Your ceremony celebrates the combination of family and the friends who helped you reach this point. When the couple already has children, this can be a lovely time to include them in the ceremony and show them that they are part of your new joined family. With a celebrant-led ceremony, I can help you design a special moment, such as handfasting or sand ceremonies, to include the people important to you.


A Final Surprise

After your wedding day is done, you’ll have wonderful memories to look back on. And one more thing. As a thank you for including me in your magical day, I’ll send you a keepsake box with your vows, your questionnaires and other personal pieces. It’s a snapshot of how you felt leading up to your wedding day that you can go back to, time and again.


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