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Vow Renewals

An Affirmation of Love

A vow renewal or commitment ceremony is a beautiful way to affirm the love you hold together. It’s a celebration of everything you’ve been through together already – and a look forward to the future.


Why Choose a Vow Renewal
or Commitment Ceremony?

A vow renewal is a way of remembering your wedding ceremony, and the promises you made. It can be a way of saying thank you and acknowledging the support you’ve shown each other through the years or a celebration of a significant anniversary. 


Your vow renewal might be the chance to finally have the celebration of your dreams, the wedding day you didn’t get to have. If you had a legal ceremony for practical reasons, a vow renewal is your opportunity to bring friends and family together to celebrate and share your devotion for each other.


A commitment ceremony is just the same – a way for two people to celebrate their love with friends and family, without the legalities of a wedding. 


Your vow renewal can be as simple or as magical as you choose – and you can share the day with the people closest to you, or all your family and friends. As your Independent Celebrant, I’ll help you plan the day and write a script that is personally suited to the two of you.

Elements of the Whole

While your life together has a partnership, your family and close friends may have played a significant part too. And if you choose to, they can play a part in your vow renewal or commitment ceremony. Choose to add elements to the day that includes them, such as readings, special poems, handfasting ceremonies and so on. I’ll help you consider who played a part in your journey and how to make them a part of your moment. 


The process for creating your day is similar to a wedding day. I’ll be with you both throughout the planning and ask you to complete some questionnaires both together and individually, which I’ll use to create your personal script and vows. I only book one ceremony a day, so you have my full attention from start to finish. This day is all about you.


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